blending two patios into one

blending two patios into one

How Bleed Water Can Damage The Surface Of A Driveway & How To Make It Durable

Landon Robertson

The key to having a driveway that will look good for a long time is to make sure it is constructed by a professional. The aggregates like sand or gravel must be strong enough to support the weight of your vehicle without scaling, but bleed water (excess water) can make them weak. In this article, you will discover the harm that bleed water can cause the surface of a driveway and how you can help with durability.

How Can Bleed Water Harm the Surface of a Driveway?

Bleed water can cause harm to the surface of a driveway because it creates a lot of pressure under the aggregate materials. Basically, the bleed water is excess water that continuously rise out of the mixture until it evaporates completely. If you don't wait for the water to evaporate before the surface is finished with the aggregate materials, the bleed water will sit under them and cause the driveway to scale when you park your car on it.

The scaling occurs because there is no way for the pressure to come out. When the pressure from the bleed water rises too high, it forces itself through the aggregate materials. You are then left with a driveway that is unpleasant to look at, and it may have to be repaired shortly after it is constructed.

How Can the Surface of a Driveway be More Durable?

One thing you can do to make the surface of the driveway more durable is keep fertilizing products off of it, such as when you are tending to the grass. The reason is due to fertilizers contain a lot of sulfates that have a bad reaction with the aggregate materials on the surface of your driveway. Quickly remove the fertilizer with a garden hose if it accidently gets on the driveway.

You should also keep deicing products off of the surface of your driveway, even if they are made for use on it. Deicers have calcium chloride in them that are detrimental to the aggregate materials. You can use sand when the surface is icy to avoid chemicals.

You can avoid the problems created from bleed water by hiring a professional paving contractor to construct your driveway for you. Remember to keep certain products off of the driveway to make it more durable. Don't allow a scaling driveway to take away from the beauty of the exterior of your house. To learn more, try contacting a company like K-W Cornerstone Paving to learn more.


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