blending two patios into one

blending two patios into one

3 Tips For Keeping Your Parking Lot In Great Condition

Landon Robertson

You obviously want your asphalt parking lot to last you for as long as possible because it is a big investment for you. Thankfully there are certain things that you can do to to help keep your parking lot in good condition, to make it last as long as possible. This article will discuss 3 tips for keeping your parking lot in great condition.

Have It Power Washed Regularly 

In order to keep your parking lot clean, it is wise to have it power washed about once or twice per month. This power washing will help to remove oil stains from vehicles which can make your parking lot dirty and slick. The power washing can also help to remove hardened food, gum, and sticky drinks that can make your parking lot both look and feel filthy. The power of the power washer is able to remove all of these items from your parking lot, without actually harming the asphalt in any way. 

Resurface Your Asphalt Every 8-15 Years

Overtime the asphalt on your parking lot is going to deteriorate. This is due to things such as rain, snow, rock salt, heavy vehicles, extreme heat, and other factors. Because of this deterioration, you are going to want to resurface your parking lot every 8-15 years, or sooner if necessary. Resurfacing involves adding a fresh new layer of asphalt to the top of your parking lot. This new layer is strong, and will basically give you a fresh start on the surface level of your parking lot. 

Have Your Cracks Filled Yearly

Cracks in your parking lot can be a huge concern, because once a crack begins, it is going to continue to spread over time. Because the crack is going to spread like wildfire, it is best to stop it as soon as possible. Stopping the crack from spreading too far can stop your asphalt from completely separating, and having to be completely redone. It is also wise to repair these cracks because it makes your parking lot safer for those driving and walking on it. As a rule of thumb, it is good to get the cracks in your pavement filled around once a year. However, if you are noticing several severe cracks due to intense weather conditions, heavy vehicles, etc., then you should definitely get the cracks repaired much sooner than this. 

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