blending two patios into one

blending two patios into one

Should You Use Reused Asphalt For Your Parking Lot?

Landon Robertson

One way to save some cash on repaving your parking lot is with reused asphalt. This alternative to new asphalt involves taking old materials, such as damaged asphalt roads or discarded asphalt shingles, and grinds it all together into a new material. It compacts, hardens, and binds quite well, which makes it ideal to use for a parking lot.

If you are wondering what the catch is to using this cheaper material that is also environmentally friendly, understand what the disadvantages and advantages of it are.

Disadvantages of Reused Asphalt  

Reused asphalt can come from a variety of materials, which could lead to fluctuations in quality. Make sure your reused asphalt is being sourced from a manufacturer that has a history for making quality products consistently over the years. It's possible that debris, soil, and a large amount of granular material can get into the material by mistake. Always ask what kind of quality control is done on the material to ensure that you are getting reused asphalt that is high quality. 

Keep in mind that reused asphalt will not have that same deep black color that fresh asphalt has. It will resemble the color of asphalt that has been faded after years of sun and water exposure. 

Advantages of Reused Asphalt 

This material has become popular for several reasons.

Reused asphalt will have a different texture to it than fresh asphalt, which can best be described as asphalt with a surface that resembles gravel. It is a unique look that can help your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Reused asphalt has a little bit of tar inside it, which helps it bond when it is wet and compacted. It will also help minimize the amount of dirt and dust that is created during the installation.

If your goal is to limit the amount of waste that goes into landfills, you can feel good about using reused asphalt. You will be using construction waste products that typically get thrown away when they are done serving their original purpose.

Since reused asphalt does not depend on many new materials to create it, it makes reused asphalt a cheap alternative. This is because it takes a lot of oil to create asphalt from scratch, which is one of the most expensive materials required to make it. Installing reused asphalt will also require less man-hours, which reduces the installation cost.

For more information about reused asphalt, speak to an asphalt paving contractor in your area. They can walk you through all the differences between using new or used asphalt, and give you accurate pricing based on the size of your parking lot. For mroe informatrion, contact a paving company in Toronto.


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blending two patios into one

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