blending two patios into one

blending two patios into one

  • How Bleed Water Can Damage The Surface Of A Driveway & How To Make It Durable

    The key to having a driveway that will look good for a long time is to make sure it is constructed by a professional. The aggregates like sand or gravel must be strong enough to support the weight of your vehicle without scaling, but bleed water (excess water) can make them weak. In this article, you will discover the harm that bleed water can cause the surface of a driveway and how you can help with durability.

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blending two patios into one

I have a paved patio that I love, but it wasn't quite large enough for my needs. I have a very large extended family that I enjoy having over many times through the summer. Instead of dealing with sinking chair legs in the grass this year, I decided to invest in an expansion of my patio. Instead of having a patio that was obviously constructed at two different times, I talked with the concrete contractor about what I could do to make the older side of the patio blend perfectly with the new one. That was when I learned about the different finishes I could have on both patios. Visit my blog to find out how to combine the old with the new seamlessly.